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product of natamycin

Natamycin is a fungicide that prevents yeasts and moulds from appearing in foods. It is extremely effective when used in small amounts. It is used in smaller quantities than potassium sorbate, and unlike other sorbates it prevents yeasts and moulds from migrating into the product, eliminating the cost of reapplication. The action of natamycin does not destroy other microorganisms, meaning that it does not alter the food’s natural maturing process. Unlike other antimicrobial agents, it does not affect the appearance, taste or colour of the products.

 Empirical formula: C33 H47 N013.


PVC containers 100, 500 and 3,000 gr.

Acidity: Natamycin is most effective at pH levels of between 5 and 7. Between pH 3 and 5, the action decreases by 8 to 10%. Below pH 4 and above pH 9, the fungicide’s effectiveness may be reduced by as much as 30%.

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