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How is the Nutri-Score calculated in semi-processed products?

Food products that are made up of more than one component, and whose preparation is completed in the place they are consumed, such as potato flakes for mashed potatoes, dehydrated soup, etc., can report on their nutritional value calculated at the time of purchase by the consumer in order to calculate the Nutri-Score, just as in other products, or alternative information may be supplied.

Instructions on how to complete the preparation of the product appear on the packages of these foods, and this is why the Nutri-Score can be calculated according to the nutritional value of the final prepared product as long as it was prepared according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. For example, milk is added to potato flakes for mashed potatoes to complete the recipe of the end product, so if the manufacturer does not indicate what kind of milk should be added, it will be considered low-fat milk by default.

All the specifications on the criteria used to calculate the Nutri-Score are available from the Public Health Organisation of France.