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Determining natamycin in yoghurt beverages and cheese

A very original new method has recently been developed to rapidly determine the presence of natamycin in commercial samples of yoghurt beverages and cheese.

A screen-printed carbon electrode has been produced, which is modified by a composition of multi-wall carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. As a result, the electrode becomes a useful sensor that is able to determine the presence of natamycin under optimal conditions.

The electrochemical behaviour of the electrode has a linear relationship between the natamycin concentration and anodic peaks, and excellent stability, sensitivity and good reproducibility in the determination. Furthermore, the routine analysis also has excellent recovery with no interference from coexisting substances.

This new method is therefore an excellent solution for the rapid detection of this antifungal agent which is so beneficial for the prolonged preservation of foods such as cheese and liquid yogurt.