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Development and evaluation of natamycin for preserving gorgonzola cheese

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As is well-known, and as mentioned in previous articles, the conservation of food products depends largely on the quality of the product and the suitability of the container in which it is stored. That is why it is necessary to develop and evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy in the natamycin films that are normally applied to the surface of dairy products during their production process. The ultimate goal – for both Read More

Determining natamycin in yoghurt beverages and cheese

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A very original new method has recently been developed to rapidly determine the presence of natamycin in commercial samples of yoghurt beverages and cheese. A screen-printed carbon electrode has been produced, which is modified by a composition of multi-wall carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. As a result, the electrode becomes a useful sensor that is able to determine the presence of natamycin under optimal conditions. The electrochemical behaviour of the electrode Read More