Often asked: Dr Stone What Antibiotic?


What episode does senku make antibiotic?

13. Episode 13. Senku needs alcohol to produce the antibiotic and joins the Grand Bout to get it.

Is Dr Stone scientifically correct?

As it turns out, the show is actually incredibly accurate aside from some hyperbolation for the sake of comedy and plot. The theory behind all of Senku’s inventions, from his recipe for homemade gunpowder to his Stone Age cotton candy, is sound. It is also accurately executed upon for the most part.

How did senku get iron?

Senku feeds the villagers ramen so they can help him make iron.

How does senku make nitroglycerin?

The Kingdom of Science march towards the miracle cave, consequently Senku fires the gorilla-tank with the aim of reducing morale. Chrome gets sulfuric acid from the tank, of which is mixed with the nitric acid and glycerin from soap to make nitroglycerin, and subsequently dynamite. This makes Tsukasa’s men surrender.

How did senku make antibiotics?

Senku plans to cure Ruri and win over the village by creating the antibiotic. He explains they can take the biological route by making penicillin or go the stone route and create sulfa drugs from rocks.

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Who is the main antagonist in Dr Stone?

Tsukasa Shishio (in Japanese: 獅子王司, Shishiō Tsukasa) is a major antagonist in the Dr. Stone series, serving as the main antagonist of the Stone Wars Saga.

What is senku’s IQ?

Senku likely has an IQ between 180 and 220 After all, on top of discovering a solution to cure people of their petrification, he’s also invented walkie-talkies, gas masks, antibiotics, and even uncovered a way to harness electricity.

How old is senku?

Senku Ishigami is an 18-year- old male and the main protagonist of the story.

Is Dr Stone worth watching?

Dr. Stone is one of the best edutainment anime out there. It’s funny with good plot and a little drama. You can learn a lot of stuff from it.

Does senku marry Ruri?

Senku immediately married Ruri, who blushed at his quick acceptance. She is shocked they divorced almost immediately afterward but her sister assures her its his way to discover her illness.

Why did Taiju leave senku?

Taiju was willing to sacrifice himself in order to let Senku escape from a pride of lions, further attesting to his kindness and selflessness.

Is Dr Stone Season 2 over?

Japanese anime series Dr Stone recently concluded with the season 2 finale episode on March 25. Japanese anime series Dr Stone recently concluded its second season on Thursday, March 25.

How did senku survive Tsukasa?

In what is one of the more interesting parts of the series, the protagonist however survives, thanks to the petrication, which could be considered a blessing in disguise to humanity. To answer the question in short; Senku survived being killed by Tsukasa, due to the small petrified part on the back of his neck.

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Does senku make guns?

It’s quite surprising how and why Senku hasn’t thought of this one yet. His village is in a perfectly defensible position and Tsukasa’s hellbent on maintaining the stone age status so they’re not using guns or technology but physical gifts to defeat the other side. That means their abilities can only take them so far.

Is Dr Stone on Netflix?

Stone season 1 isn’t streaming on Netflix. If you’re wanting to stream Dr. Stone you will instead need a subscription to Crunchyroll or FUNimation. English dub episodes are available to stream on FUNimation, whereas English subbed episodes are available on Crunchyroll.

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