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... is a fungicide that prevents yeasts and moulds from appearing in foods.

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...used in small quantities, NATAMYCIN

... is extremely effective and protects cheese and meat products that may deteriorate due to moulds, yeasts and other fungi.

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is both economical and effective, and does not alter the food's natural maturing process.

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VGP – Welcome to world Natamycin

VGP, world leader in the field of Pimaricin and Natamycin

VGP, was created in 1988 in Vic, and since its inception we are dedicated to both the manufacturing and the supply and export of raw materials, ingredients and additives to major food industries worldwide.



yogurts, cheeses, probiotics


natamycin, nisin, lysozyme


animales, microbianos, quimosina.


animal, microbial chymosin.

World of Natamycin

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The effectiveness of natamycin against carrot mold post-harvest

As stated previously in this section, research on new applications for Natamycin in the food industry is constantly being carried out all over the world. We have also covered its successful application in the maintenance of the post-harvest quality of plants such as red fruits, and now we discuss a study on one of the most widely consumed succulent root vegetables in the world: carrots. The study summarised here was carried out by Chinese researchers for the Brazilian Phytopathology Society, and recently published in the journal Tropical Plant Pathology. The study examined the inhibitory effect of  Natamycin on the fungus Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum, the pathogen causing white mold in carrots post-harvest. In this case, the fungus does not attack carrots in storage after they have been harvested, but lies dormant in the soil.  It can survive for up to ten years

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The importance of rind in the preparation of cheese

The rind seems to be the least important part when we eat cheese. We even usually discard it, and there is sometimes some doubt as to whether it is edible. However, rind plays a very important role in the preparation and final quality of the food, because it helps to preserve the fermentation processes that take place in the mass, while at the same time protecting the cheese from major external problems such as contamination. Natamycin and other food preservatives are applied to cheese rind to ensure that it performs its protective role against external contamination due to fungi and yeasts, and at the same time it does not interfere with or change the organoleptic characteristics of the end product. There are almost as many types of cheese rind as there are varieties of product. The rind is formed during

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The application of the new nutri-score system in food labelling in europe

Food safety from the origin to the destination of foods and to their point of consumption has become a very important matter, and the development of food additives like Natamycin (E 235) ensures their consumption time and prevents them from spoiling prematurely. However, food safety can also be viewed from the standpoint of clear, precise information for consumers about the nutritional value of the food they are going to pay for, and their right to choose certain foods over others with the assurance that they use the same system to determine their nutritional content. The implementation of the new Nutri-Score labelling system for foods in the European Union is now underway to help millions of consumers take decisions, and this is leading to adaptations by companies that manufacture, package and label foods.   How is the classification calculated based on

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