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... is a fungicide that prevents yeasts and moulds from appearing in foods.

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...used in small quantities, NATAMYCIN

... is extremely effective and protects cheese and meat products that may deteriorate due to moulds, yeasts and other fungi.

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is both economical and effective, and does not alter the food's natural maturing process.

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VGP – Welcome to world Natamycin

VGP, world leader in the field of Pimaricin and Natamycin

VGP, was created in 1988 in Vic, and since its inception we are dedicated to both the manufacturing and the supply and export of raw materials, ingredients and additives to major food industries worldwide.



yogurts, cheeses, probiotics


natamycin, nisin, lysozyme


animales, microbianos, quimosina.


animal, microbial chymosin.

World of Natamycin

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The influence of salt concentration on natamycin

Pathogenic microorganisms can contaminate food during the handling process. That is why the use of antimicrobial agents such as natamycin in food products has been an essential step in controlling infectious diseases that are transmitted through some types of food.

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The effect of propanol on natamycin

Some studies have shown that the production of natamycin may be affected by short chain fatty acids and alcohols. However, the addition of propanol has proven to be a much more effective additive, which can increase production rates of natamycin by up to 17 %.