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... is a fungicide that prevents yeasts and moulds from appearing in foods.

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...used in small quantities, NATAMYCIN

... is extremely effective and protects cheese and meat products that may deteriorate due to moulds, yeasts and other fungi.

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is both economical and effective, and does not alter the food's natural maturing process.

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VGP – Welcome to world Natamycin

VGP, world leader in the field of Pimaricin and Natamycin

VGP, was created in 1988 in Vic, and since its inception we are dedicated to both the manufacturing and the supply and export of raw materials, ingredients and additives to major food industries worldwide.



yogurts, cheeses, probiotics


natamycin, nisin, lysozyme


animales, microbianos, quimosina.


animal, microbial chymosin.

World of Natamycin

Biopolymers with natamycin in dairy products
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Biopolymers with natamycin in dairy products

Biopolymers – the macromolecules found in living things – have traditionally been mixed with other natural products such as natamycin to create a protective layer that prevents the growth of fungi.

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Casein and natamycin coating for Kashar cheese

The manufacturing process for Kashar cheese consists of two separate stages: the production of curds, and the texturing of the ripe curd to soak it in hot water. The cheese can then be coated with casein and natamycin in order to prevent mould from forming.